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Mediation represents a different approach to finding solutions than normally employed in legal work. Here it is not about accused or defendants. The mediator also does not take sides. The crucial factor is to enter into a dialogue voluntarily and to expose the viewpoint of both sides in detail. And all of it on a constructive and solution-based level. The aim is to achieve a binding arrangement for all parties, i.e. an individually negotiated solution which is recognised and respected.


As members of the Federal Committee for Family Mediation we are also bound by the European code of conduct for mediation which among other things requires:

1.1 Responsibility
Mediators know their subject and are expert in the art of mediation. They must be able to show relevant qualifications and continuous training as well as experience with mediation situations on the basis of relevant standards or licensing regulations.

2.2 Impartiality
The mediator must always remain impartial in his actions and conduct towards the parties, and he is required to serve all parties equally in the mediation process.


Lawyer Jutta Petersen, specialist lawyer for family law, qualified successfully as a mediator after studying at the Institute for Conflict Management and Mediation (JKOM) from January 2009 until November 2010. The institute is recognised as a training institute by the Federal Committee for Family Mediation (BAFM).


Mediation can not only be used in a family or private situation. It can also offer new approaches to finding solutions to business conflicts. Solutions arrived at in this way usually prove to be more satisfactory for both parties than court rulings.




We have the experience and the expertise to bring about decisions which maintain peace in the family.

We offer out-of-court approaches but we will also be at your side if disputes go to court.

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