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Labour law

(Individual) labour law is always about "jobs" in the widest sense of the word.

As representatives of the interests of employees and employers we advise and represent you in all problem areas. The most frequent cases certainly involve sackings and warnings but the implementation of programmes, salary negotiations and termination agreements also form part of our daily business.

We will also be happy to advise you on subjects such as contracts of employment, holiday entitlements, references, maternity leave and parental leave or working hours in general.

Amicable solutions play a major part in labour law too, especially if and to the extent that a job is on the line. Extreme sensitivity is also required here.

In many cases however, what is needed is targeted assertion of the client's rights with exact knowledge of the labour courts' case law.

In contrast to other legal areas, the case law of the Federal Labour Court and the Regional Labour Courts plays a decisive part as most questions concerning labour law are not defined in law.

It is therefore essential to undergo continuous further training and to study the relevant specialist magazines as this forms the basis for specialist knowledge which is always up-to-date.




We have the experience and the expertise to bring about decisions which maintain peace in the family.

We offer out-of-court approaches but we will also be at your side if disputes go to court.

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