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Inheritance law

The legal field of inheritance law includes everything that has to do with a person's death.

While you are alive you might want to draw up a will or conclude an inheritance contract with your children. In order to avoid later inheritance tax it may make sense to transfer assets to your children. The heirs ask themselves if they need an inheritance certificate and to what extent they may be liable for the debts of the deceased. Maybe it would be appropriate to file for estate insolvency?

After decades working in the field of inheritance law, there is no problem which we have not already encountered. Continuous further education through seminars and courses as well as specialist magazines and online databases ensure that our knowledge is always up-to-date, above all in the areas of case law and legislation.

But for us it is not enough to master theory and practice. The deciding factor is to know exactly what you as our client want and what will really help you. It is one thing to know what rights you have but quite another to know what will help you in your very personal situation.

This applies, for example, in the field of succession planning: There are many templates available from the simple Berlin will via inheritance contracts and transfer contracts while still alive all the way to the family pool. However, in selecting which one to use, the primary consideration should be what effect the solution chosen will have on your individual situation.

The same goes, for example, for a community of heirs: if your co-heir is acting defensively, your rights under the law are clear. But whether legal enforcement of your rights gives you any pleasure must be decided in each individual case. It is possible that "alternative strategies" will be more beneficial.

A lot depends on your circumstances: relationships with the dependants, financial circumstances or the strength of your nerve.

By talking to you we establish what is important for you and we find a solution which you are comfortable with.





  • Burial

  • Succession in law

  • Will and inheritance contract

  • Community of heirs

  • Right of statutory share

  • Certificate of inheritance procedure

  • Anticipated succession

  • Foundation law

  • International inheritance law

We have the experience and the expertise to bring about decisions which maintain peace in the family.

We offer out-of-court approaches but we will also be at your side if disputes go to court.

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