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Law firm

We are a modern family business which is rich in tradition.

From the grandparents to the parents, from the parents to the children: the law has had a formative influence on the Petersen family for generations. This rich treasure of experience and a network of knowledge which is constantly updated and adapted, ensure that your case will be handled expertly and quickly. Our lawyers will take personal care of your problem and will always be there for you - you are in good hands with us.


A small history of our firm.

The office was opened in the 1950s by lawyer and notary public, Herbert Voigt (* 01.10.1908, † 1986) and from 1968 it was continued in the 2nd generation by his daughter, Ingrid Petersen, née Voigt (* 15.01.1938, † 23.12.1990) who was also a lawyer and Nikolaus Petersen who was a lawyer and notary public.  By the way, the father of the lawyer and notary public Herbert Voigt, Georg Voigt was also a lawyer. He did not practice law, however, but was Lord Mayor of Frankfurt from 1912 to 1924.


Petersen Rechtsanwälte


Our focus: Inheritance and family law

Since the foundation of the company the focus of our activity has been on inheritance law and family law, whereby we also offer civil and criminal law in general. However, since laws and case law in all legal areas have literally exploded, it has become necessary and sensible to specialise. As specialists in the field of inheritance and family law we can offer you many years of experience and comprehensive knowledge for all your concerns.


We always see the big picture.

Inheritance law and family law are always connected to other legal areas. We frequently deal with these extended areas and possess well-founded knowledge of them. If so desired or if the situation so demands, we will bring in a specialist lawyer for the particular legal area concerned.


Rechtsanwälte Petersen


We want you to win.

But not at any cost. Inheritance law and family law are emotionally charged legal fields where relatives or married couples often argue. Our top priority is to settle conflicts peacefully.

Even if you win a legal dispute in court, you will still pay a high immaterial price: the legal dispute and the smouldering conflict represent a psychological burden to you and it is highly doubtful if you and your opponent will ever get on again when the case is over.
For this reason amicable solutions are preferable especially as they are normally quicker and cheaper for you.
But: if your opponent simply closes his eyes to the benefits of an amicable solution, we will be at your side in court with advice and support.


We will always keep you up-to-date.

We supply immediate information on all developments and results and can be reached on the telephone at all times, and these are the essential prerequisites for achieving success in the case and satisfying our clients.


We have the experience and the expertise to bring about decisions which maintain peace in the family.

We offer out-of-court approaches but we will also be at your side if disputes go to court.

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